Difference Between MBA and PGDM

According to the modern world today if we consider MBA or PGDM or any other management course aims providing nearly the same confidence in the mind of students. What matters is according to the goal of the student what is he selecting for his PG level. They both study the same curriculum including about handling the industry, businesses, exploring the real-life requirement. There are some colleges which provides PGDM and even MBA the only change is of the name but the basis of the program remains the same.admissionsIf the degree is granted by the university then it’s a MBA degree as per the existing norms of this country. If the colleges are running their autonomous program then it is known as PGDM degree. This doesn’t mean that PGDM is less than MBA but they equally serve the same purpose which MBA does.

Exams for Admission Process

MBA and PGDM both are regulated by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and are different programs. For PGDM the council have approved 6 different exams including CAT been conducted by IIM’s, MAT been conducted by IMA, XAT,ATMA,CMAT and GMAT and have to be considered by the B-schools as per the order been passed by supreme court. This exam is being conducted across India. Same is the process for MBA, but many colleges have started taking the admissions in MBA without this entrance exams also which is not the case in PGDM.admissionsConduction of Course/ Program:

The PGDM colleges have been given the right of being autonomous from AICTE i.e. they will frame their own syllabus, conduct their syllabus and will evaluate the same. Where as in MBA programs the universities have the right to frame the syllabus and the exam is being conducted by the universities but the conduction of the syllabus is done in all the affiliated colleges of their respective universities. But the placement activity is similar in both the programs as both try to place their students in market.


The fees structure of PGDM is slightly higher as compared to the fees structure of MBA as they are the autonomous body whereas the colleges of MBA have to follow the university norms. But some Top colleges of Greater Noida have included activity based learning, industry exposure, expert lectures, Internships in companies and a lot more to make the students explore the current trends and can enhance the MBA skills.

Course/ Curriculum:

A student who is opting for MBA studies more of the theoretical aspects of the program as they have to follow the syllabus been fixed by the universities. Whereas PGDM has the flexibility in the course curriculum so the changes are frequently done to meet the standards of the industry and the changing environment. But now days many best MBA college in Greater Noida are working hard by conducting industrial tour and expert lectures so as to give the students a handful experience of the current real-life situation.

Finally, the fact is that the industry treats MBA and PGDM graduates in an equal manner. In fact, the industry is concerned more with the skills of set the students possess rather the degree the students hold.admissions

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