Difference Between BBA and BCom

BBA is getting over B.Com in both popularity and inculcating modern business skills

Students sometimes get confused which one to choose BBA or B.Com? After the 12th Standard examination, determining the career path is a major issue for many students and parents. Due to a remarkable change in the economic scenario over the last two decades, many new career paths have opened up to the students with vast opportunities in the job market as also in higher studies. BBA is one such stream which makes the students understand the complicated and challenging world of business management and all allied matters like human resource, finance, and marketing. Though BBA is rather a new field of study in India, it’s getting immense popularity with rapid industrialization. On the other hand, B.Com is a traditional path of getting professional knowledge on different aspects of commerce including accounting, business organization, and business environment.

What is BBA?

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. The course introduces a student to different aspects of business management. This course provides an in-depth knowledge of business studies including business models and methods, business strategy, business ethics, social responsibility of a business, and many such aspects. Students can also opt various specialization according to their interest in Business Management, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Operation, Systems Management, Insurance, Information Technology, Supply Chain, etc. At the same time, the top BBA college Greater Noida or any other BBA college of equal caliber inculcates some unique characteristics in every BBA student which make them suitable for the current business environment in India and abroad.

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What is B.Com?

B.Com stands for Bachelor of Commerce. It is an age-old, traditional undergraduate program in this country that prepares a student to be skilled in accountancy, finance, and taxation. Apart from that, B.Com students get in-depth knowledge on various aspects of trade and commerce in different modes of business. This undergraduate program is also immensely popular across the country and most of the universities offer this course with the specialization in Accountancy through several colleges. Apart from accountancy and taxation, in this course, students get professional knowledge on mathematics for business, statistics, and economics. Keeping in view, the increasing application of various software in finance and accountancy, many colleges have also included important finance, accountancy, and taxation software applications in their B. Com course curriculums.

Why is BBA so popular these days?

Undoubtedly, BBA is an immensely popular undergraduate program in this country right now. This popularity has not grown overnight. In fact, several factors have enhanced the popularity of BBA in India. Here, has a look:

  • Industrialization in India has been taking place at a steady rate since the first half of the 1990s.
  • Companies are looking for skilled and responsible personnel in key positions, they believe smart and knowledgeable employees can bring a different brand identity.
  • Amidst global competition, skilled people can only keep a company competitive.

Thus, the demand for skilled and knowledgeable employees has also been growing along with industrialization. An established BBA college in Greater Noida or any other college of similar category can train a student to become a skilled management professional. This is the need of the hour which no one can ignore. Naturally, BBA course curriculums are popular nowadays.

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Basic Difference between BBA and B.Com

It is really tough to compare the two streams as they develop different skills and provide different types of education to the students. However, a few differences worth describing in this context:

  • Though both the courses are 3 years’ duration, BBA students are ready for taking pertinent responsibility. The course curriculums in BBA are designed such a that the students are ready to face the challenges in any business environment. B. Com students are not so up-to-date.
  • BBA courses offer specialization in different fields of management making the students highly knowledgeable to take the responsibility with minimum senior level intervention. On the other hand, B.Com students are not ready to take higher responsibility, they need intensive training and some years’ experience under an expert before they are prepared to take any responsibility single-handedly.

 Both the fields are important in the present business context in this country but BBA students seem more smart, responsible, and updated than B.Com students.