Difference Between B.E and B.Tech

B.E stands for Bachelor of Engineering and B.Tech stands for Bachelor in Technology. The generally asked question is whether there is any difference between them or both are one and the same. This question has been debated extensively. One of the differences one could say is that B.Tech is more skill oriented whereas B.E is knowledge oriented. Students of Top B.Tech College in Greater Noida get more practical coaching compared to the students of B.E College where the theory of the subject is given more importance.

The more advantageous course

Not long ago there were this belief making rounds that candidates with a B.Tech qualification had an advantage over the B.E qualified candidates in seeking career opportunities. This is not true. Both the courses, however, have the same duration of four years with eight semesters.

To gain admission to both the courses, one has to score a minimum of 50% marks in the 10+2 and physics and chemistry must be part of the science subjects. Also appearing and scoring high marks in entrance exams is necessary.

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Internship and Industrial visits

However, the course curriculum of B.Tech is updated well than the B.E course which is knowledge oriented. Also, the internship and industrial visits for B.Tech students has more emphasis to the point of being mandatory which is considered essential for B.E course but not mandatory.


In the B.Tech course, mathematics is important during the first two semesters only. Mathematics is taught in more detail throughout the course in the case of B.E as it is more knowledge oriented.

In B.E course 60% of the content is theory and 40% is practical training whereas in B.Tech course 40% of the content is theory and 60% is practical training.

Scope for the continuation of studies

The B.E graduate has a choice of choosing courses like M.E, M.B.A, and M.Sc. to pursue higher studies whereas the B.Tech student can choose M.Tech, MS degree or M.B.A. To gain admission for M.Tech or MS in good colleges either in India or abroad one needs to secure high scores in the entrance exams like GATE, GRE, and IELTS.

Career Prospects

The B.E graduates, as well as B.Tech graduates, have good prospects to get a job in public, private or Government sector. The B.E graduates having more theoretical knowledge can opt for jobs that call for innovation and development of hardware. At the same time, the B.Tech graduate can seek jobs that are focused more on improving the efficiency and modification of the existing hardware.

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  1. B.Tech is offered by Government institutions and B.E is offered by private educational institutions – There is absolutely no truth in this statement as Government educational institutes offer even B.E courses and many private educational institutions offer B.Tech courses.
  2. Industrial training is not given in B.Tech and B.E courses – This is also not true. Both the courses have industrial training in their curriculum after the sixth semester. The emphasis is on the industrial training is much more in case of B.Tech as compared to B.E.
  3. B.E or B.Tech is valued more than the other – Neither one is preferred over the other. What matters is the performance of the candidate mainly and the college where the student studied to some extent. In earlier days there were two kinds of universities in India. One type of University offered degrees in the field of education, arts, science, and engineering too. Another type of University offered degrees in engineering only. They were named Institutes. The institutes where only engineering was taught awarded B.Tech degree and the University which offered various degrees awarded B.E for engineering students.
  4. Management studies with engineering are valuable – A much sought after combination is post-graduation in management studies after a degree in B.E or B.Tech. Engineering is a science that is applied to improve the efficiency and bring in innovation in the manufacturing and research. Management is about administration and people’s skill. Both are unrelated. It is the lucrative compensation that has given rise to this belief.


The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) monitors the Syllabi of both B.E and B.Tech courses and its model curricula does not differentiate B.Tech curricula from B.E curricula. But job prospects for students from Top B.Tech College in NCR and other places are better.