Continuously Variable Power Transmission

New rules for automotive fuel economy and emissions has been launched for B4 vehicles, now the continuously variable power transmission (CVT) emerging as a key technology for improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles with internal combustion (IC) engines. continuously variable power transmission (CVT)uses infinite number of adjustable drive ratios instead of discrete gears to attain optimum level of engine performance. Since the engine always runs at the most efficient number of revolutions per minute (rpm) for a fixed vehicle speed, the vehicle which is equipped with continuously variable power transmission (CVT) attain better gas mileage and acceleration than the vehicles which are equipped with gear drives for power transmission.

CVTs is not a newly discovered technology to the automotive world, but their torque capabilities and reliability factor have been limited in the past years. New developments in gear reduction and manufacturing have made continuously variable power transmission (CVTs) even more robust, which in turn allows them to be used in more distinct automotive applications. continuously variable power transmission CVTs are also being developed in concurrence with hybrid electric vehicles. Continuous development in continuously variable power transmission (CVT) will lead to reduce the costs and continue to increase the performance, which in turn makes further development and application of continuously variable power transmission (CVT) technology desirable.

Continuously variable power transmission (CVT) generally does not require the presence of a clutch while in some vehicles (e.g motorcycles) a centrifugal clutch is added for facilitation of a neutral stance which is useful when idling or manually reversing into parking space

The current situation of CVTs and coming research and development, set in the context of past development and problems traditionally associated with CVTs.

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