Computer Science Engineering Salaries in India

There has been decent amount fluctuations that has occurred when it comes to deciding the salary of the young computer engineers. The salary is different in different sectors which consists or private and public sectors respectively. Pursuing computer science engineering from best engineering colleges in greater Noida will make your placement in private companies with excellent package.

Coming to the public sector salary is not as much as the private sector but then again it offers job security which the private ones cannot promise. Now on an average a computer engineer’s salary ranges from 8k to 20k with some industrial experience.

Now salary can rise up when the individual has shown large contribution in the company’s growth over the years during his tenure. Now a graduate from best engineering colleges in Noida can expect a salary package of 7 lakhs per annul as the individual will have the degree from one of the best institutions in INDIA.

Salary Imbalance

In India there are many computer science engineers who earn a minimum package of 3 lakhs per annul but there are also some engineers who earn high as 50LPA. These big firms like google and Microsoft who offers such a huge salary believes in the concept of “skills measure package” which basically means the more talented you are the more salary you are going to get. Now some mid-range companies like the TCS, Cognizant and Infosys offer low salary to individuals because some of them gets the job through recommendation and to these companies, skills hardly matters.

Companies like these keep as long as you serve them. For example imagine your role as a web developer then you will be only be asked to work on support projects. If your work is good then the company will keep you but if it is not up to the mark then you will asked to leave.

From the above statements it can be summarized that big companies like amazon, flipchart, Uber, google and Microsoft does not think of cost savings when it comes to hiring a talented candidate. Moreover in case of midrange companies all cost saving factor is taken in consideration.

Why still Jobless?

Now people may think if there is so much need of computer science engineering students then why B.Tech students are still jobless. Well according the statistics released by the computer science department of the best engineering colleges in Greater Noida the reason are very simple.

  • Firstly 97 % of the B.Tech graduates cannot speak fluent English, which Is a must have criteria if the individual is planning for a corporate job
  • More than 67 % of the engineers are more comfortable in theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge
  • Less than 34% of the engineer possess actual computing skills to be hired in a software company
  • Only 10 % percent of the engineers are fit for engineering tasks
  • Now the reasons for this failure are also listed by the best engineering colleges in NCR which are as follows:
  • Quality education is not given to the students
  • Except the best engineering colleges in NCR, other institutions tend to have poor quality labs equipped with poor infrastructure
  • Excluding the teachers from best engineering colleges in NCR other institutions does not have quality professors or teachers
  • Most of the institutions in INDIA except best engineering colleges in NCR have communication in regional language, and not in English which is mandatory requirement in corporate business.

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