Civil Engineering : A growing field and the Future Prospects in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is something which is more than just bricks, sand and mortar. It is a branch of engineering which cannot be expressed in words. It is one of the most important sector of an economy which has the potential to drive any country on the path of continuous economic and social growth.

Civil Engineering provides engineering services in Designing, Planning, Overseeing maintenance and Construction of different structures like roads, rails, dams, airports, harbors, pipelines etc. The works that are executed under Civil Engineering are helpful for connectivity purposes so that even remote areas can be brought to the mainstream and development can be done for all sections of the society.

As ours is a developing and consuming economy, Civil Engineering has the capability to reach the ultimate prowess through the advance and cutting edge technology. There are certain examples of our advancement in this sector like building of metro, world class infrastructure for food processing and different manufacturing industry, underground tunnel as recently built in J&K (Chenani- Nashri tunnel).

Our Govt. has taken highly commendable steps in this direction under schemes like, make in India, which aims to make the country a manufacturing giant which requires enhancement in the construction sector. The continuous focused approach for the last three years has bored effective results such as investment by foreign vendors in construction field and building up of high rail class bodies for bullet trains. Proposal for shifting of 15 production base of Lockheed Martin from USA to India, seems promising which is not possible without the help of Civil Engineering Sector which will directly increase the jobs in the sector.

In the recent years India has even scored high in global ranking perspective of ease of doing business, global innovation index and cutting up of red tapism which are also favouring for the Civil Engineering works in the name of construction, manufacturing etc.

The recent China rhetoric for building massive belt and road infrastructure projects connecting all of Asia, Africa and Europe through land, road corridors. The member countries will also be benefitted from the project in the name of high money investment for developing roads, rails, power etc and other infrastructure needs that will automatically increase the par of civil engineering. Indian government schemes such as Bharat mala which aims to connect all the ports along with its development which includes areas and highways around it is like a marvelous approach to boost the economy and Civil Engineering sector.

This entire world will continue to be the paradise for Civil engineering as the construction rate is growing by 8.4% per year creating lots and lots of job opportunity as the construction, development and evolution had been a continuous process all around the globe for the past several centuries and will be so for the several succeeding generations.


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