What Do Civil Engineers Do Exactly?

Civil Engineering is a way which makes the life of a person easy and simple. It gives shape to one’s imagination and constructive desires. Civil engineering is responsible for the robust connectivity between people, goods, services, etc. Civil engineers create, improve, and protect the environment in which we live in. They plan, design and oversee construction and maintenance of building structure and infra structures like road, rail, airport, bridge etc.

Civil engineers have to come up with solution to complex problems and implement them in the world we live in. There are different specialization in Civil engineering including environment, structural, transportation, geo- technical etc. Broadly, there are two types of civil engineer roles within various specialization – Consultants who focus on design work and generally spend more time in office or working with clients and contractors who are more involved with keeping an eye on physical construction and are usually based on sites.

In the challenging environment a civil engineer needs to be innovative, creative, versatile, must have a problem solving mind and ability to undertstand the bigger picture and must be a logical individual.

Focus of Civil engineers involves:

  • Analysed survey reports
  • Maps and other data projects
  • Consider the construction cost, government regulations, environmental hazards etc.
  • Test soil to determine the adequacy and strength of foundations
  • Provide cost estimates on materials, labour, equipments etc.
  • Designs that can cater the needs of different systems

With the time Civil engineers are reaching marvellous heights in the fields of innovation and operation. Although the working nature of a civil engineer is very demanding but it is not less than the oxygen supply system of the body. The commanding heights in the fields of Civil Engineering can be attributed to different marvels that had been built or are being built around the world. Ex- Japan being one of the most earthquake affected country has been able to built different earthquake resistant structures. China belt and road initiation will again demand civil engineering prowess. Skyscrapers with different variants of sustainability around the world like USA, DUBAI etc.

Civil engineers are like the backbone of a country economy which can put a country’s growth rate on a higher trajectory by catering the needs of different sectors and forging an effective alliance between them like industries, highways, etc. So, a country should focus on having an innovative mind and highly qualified skills and expertise because if civil engineers fail, the loss of life and property will be unbearable.

Focus should be made to have a cutting edge, world class infrastructure so that a country can easily move from a slow or choked growth which can only be achieved with the help of Civil engineers.

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