How to Choose Specialisation in MBA

Choosing area of specialisation in MBA is a very important decision a second year student has to take. Most of the Top MBA colleges in Greater Noida offer specialisation in Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance, International Business and Production Management.

These specialisation courses are meant to impart extensive and practical knowledge in the specific area of management. In the area of specialisation various subjects related to that specialisation are taught in depth. Students do the project work related to that subject only which helps them understand the subject and related industry in a better way. For example students choosing Finance Specialisation will study Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, International Financial Management, Banking and Tax Planning etc. Extensive knowledge

Having studied general subjects in the first year like Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Principles of Management etc. students get a fair idea about what to expect in a particular specialisation. This helps them immensely while choosing their specialisation in MBA.

The main factors which one should keep in mind while choosing the specialisation are one’s personality and educational background in this order. The reason why I put personality before educational background is that one really enjoys the work which suits one’s personality. If one chooses a specialisation for which one does not have an educational background, one can make up for that by hard work but a specialisation which does not suit one’s personality will only lead to below par performance in future.

For example the more extrovert type people can go for Marketing. Those who love to play with figures can opt for Finance and people with engineering background may opt for Production Management etc. People who love to observe people and their behaviour are best suited for HR domain.

From what has been stated above, it is clear that for choosing specialisation in MBA, one must understand oneself first. You know yourself best, nobody else can tell you what type of personality you have.

While choosing specialisation you may encounter a dilemma that the specialisation which suits your personality has relatively less scope in the industry. My take on this is that you should still go for what suits your personality because you will be best in what suits you best and for an excellent performer there is always room.

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