Browsing at Workplace affects Productivity

The Revolution of internet enabled technological tools such as Smart phones, iPods and other internet-devices including computers within the workplace has let both positive and negative impact on employee productivity. Internet use has revolutionized the pattern of working style at the workplace which has led to an increased use for non professional activities at the workplace. With widespread connectivity and constantly emerging online activities, people are spending more time online for studying, learning, communicating, creating, and entertaining themselves.  Though use of internet helped in shaping and promoting job satisfaction among employees, it has helped in diminishing loneliness and depression and enhance social support and self esteem.

Mobile internet devices permit employees to enjoy the comforts of doing their jobs not only during day but also after working hours. Internet use at the workplace ranges from aimless internet surfing for personal goals not related to work. It is assumed that most of employees spent at least 1 hour on non work-related activities during a regular work day, especially using the Internet for personal reasons on mobile. It emerges that excessive internet use within the workplace culminates to reduced productivity due to unrestricted autonomy. Essentially, employees spend most of the time focusing on personal issues rather than focusing on achieving organizational goals.  This leads to loss of productive time hence productivity may tend to decline. Here is List of Best MBA College in NCR from where MBA in Human Resource can be pursued.

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Net-Surfing and its dysfunction

Majority of employees regularly spend time surfing the internet on websites unrelated to work. Because “Time is Money”, every hour wasted has a direct negative impact on the bottom line productivity.  The main reason for slacking at work is that the employees don’t feel challenged enough in their job. Internet surfing within the workplace interferes with work life as employees spend most of their time surfing or chatting instead of working. Therefore, productive time is lost leading to negative consequences on the overall productivity of a business organization.

Not only this Internet  can be misused as any intentional act by workers to utilize the internet for non-work related activities within the official working hours. Misusing the internet has been associated with ruinous activities such as online piracy, theft of Intellectual property and dissemination of offensive materials.

Employees are more productive with Smartphone use

The use of Smart phones within the workplace promotes employee autonomy, good employee relations and knowledge sharing among employees. This culminates to increased work engagement and job satisfaction that in turn contributes to increased work efficiency. Individuals found to be “Internet-dependent” have also frequently been found to be more attracted to interactive Internet applications, such as chatting, games, and shopping, whereas non dependent individuals seem to use the Internet almost exclusively for sending emails and searching for information. Internet acts as a learning and communication tool for employees enabling timely conveyance of information over vast geographical distances.

Though web browsing for personal use might be considered unproductive, it has been linked with increased job satisfaction. Internet users within the workplace acknowledged that going online while at the workplace improved their morale towards work. However when internet access is strictly prohibited, the outcome is deleterious since employees are demoralized besides remaining nu-knowledgeable. Based on the above Perception, internet use within the workplace brings maximum benefits when internet management policy is properly managed.

Impact of Internet addiction

There is a fine line between healthy use and problematic use of internet surfing, which is getting blurred these days. Internet addiction of often comorbid with mental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness,  problematic alcohol use, injury and depression. Although Internet addiction is currently not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, it is regarded as disorder of concern and cognitive dysfunctions (impaired working memory) which is associated with internet addiction related to substance and behavioral addiction. The behavioral addictions among net surfing includes varied themes such as shopping, exercise, online video gaming , socializing through social media and unacceptable online behavior. Here is list of best MBA college in NCR from which MBA program can be undertaken.

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How to Get rid of Browsing menace

In order to alleviate the negative consequences of internet and Smartphone use within the workplace the following should be done:

  • Internet use policy within the workplace should be developed and carefully monitored to promote compliance. This would help eliminate internet abuse within the workplace hence eliminating reduced work productivity.
  • Organizational management should deploy technology experts to filter information entering the internet sites within the workplace. This would restrict the kind of information that employees would access from the internet sites without demoralizing them.
  • Organizations implementing ‘no internet access policy’ should nullify such policy and instead develop a restrictive internet use policy. This would promote knowledge sharing and employee engagement hence creating employee satisfaction.
  • Organizations should allow the use of Smart phones and the internet in the workplace but develop an ethical code to guide their use. This is crucial in avoiding internet misuse in the workplace setting.


With advancements in technological innovations especially the linkage of technological devices with the internet has had enormous impact on business operations and employee work life. There is no doubt that browsing at work place goes far enough and it affects the productivity adversely being one of the biggest culprits, yet excessive restriction of internet use leads to decreased employee morale and loss of satisfaction.

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Therefore, organizations should develop sound internet use policy, carefully implement and monitor employee compliance. This would help achieve optimal results in relation to the gains of internet use within the workplace. MBA in Human Resource Management can be pursued from best MBA College in Greater Noida like Mangalmay Group of Institution which will provide you the gateway to prosperous future. Kindly visit our website to download brochure and more information related to various degree programs.