Best Executive MBA programs

Earning an executive degree in MBA opens doors to many new brilliant opportunities. A professional after gaining a degree in Executive MBA gets easy access to the higher ranks and managerial roles of the organizations. An Executive MBA program sharpens your skills and enhances your knowledge.

Not only the renowned management institutes, but there are some top business schools among the List of MBA colleges in NCR, that offer Executive MBA Diploma of one year. However, the programs vary from college to college.

Best MBA College in Noida also provides the opportunity to working professionals to apply for executive MBA in order to gain promotions in the careers. These colleges are also one of the very few business schools that offer the option to pursue multiple courses simultaneously to its students. The Best MBA College in Noida offer Executive MBA diploma/ Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) that helps a professional in getting a promotion, especially for professionals who are into the fields of Marketing, Finance and Accounting and so on. The program not will only open higher ranks of your organization but will enhance your skills to the maximum.


Different colleges have the different set of eligibility criteria or strategies for admitting candidates to this ideal program. Eligibility to apply to the List of MBA colleges in NCR for Executive MBA varies from college to college, however, following is the essential requirement that every aspirant should possess:

  • Candidates having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized university can apply
  • The candidates should have more than 5 years of professional experience may apply.

Tremendous Opportunities

Many people skip doing a full-time MBA due to various reasons. Some might want to get into the career as soon as possible, or some start working because of financial shortcomings. Whatever may be the reason, it exempts them from pursuing higher studies. Due to this, after working for a few years, they get stuck in one position in their career, and lack of qualification or skills dissuade them from acquiring higher positions in their organizations.

This is where an Executive MBA comes for the rescue. It is ideal for all those professionals who couldn’t go for higher studies after graduation and had to start working early. It is also observed that these candidates have good undergraduate qualifications and a good amount of prior work experience and work skills that currently have high market value. It helps them in finding better job opportunities after the program in their area of expertise.

However, many executive MBA aspirants hope that the institute will get them placed after completing the program, which is incorrect. Although after gaining the executive MBA diploma, a candidate gets to learn so much that he doesn’t face any difficulties in getting their dream job profiles or getting into their ideal companies.

What is the coursework?

The course has its main focus on various managerial aspects of the business subjects. Some of the examples are managerial economics, managerial finance, legal issues for managers, information technology management, global capital markets and so on. These courses help a student in learning the tactics of applying the skills and knowledge in the business domain.

Most of the Executive MBA courses are have their key focus around management, whereas any other MBA course is about specialization in management.

What is the program structure?

Generally, executive MBA courses cover a time period of 19 to 24 months. The program includes extensive classroom study, attending business seminars, workshops and practices and so on.