Best BBA Course 2018

In today’s time, competition has reached to such a level that students have to strive hard in order to build a career of their choice. Those who have clarity in what career to choose start a unidirectional approach towards their goals right after completing 10+2. The ones with a desire to join the corporate world or be an entrepreneur opt for BBA for being a graduate. Often, choosing the top one from the list of BBA colleges in Noida and NCR ensures a comparatively smooth and decent ride thereafter. Also, completing BBA from the top BBA College in NCR or Noida ensures that you receive quality education and provides ample opportunities for placements and job.

BBA, in itself, is a broader term which houses multiple domains and specializations. Generally, the basics of the major domains are taught to students at the earlier stages. They are allowed to choose their course of interest in the final year of their degree. Since, lot of students have doubts regarding the available courses and which one to choose, here’s a quick guide that’d give them a basic idea of the types of courses available, their scope and job opportunities.

One can opt for the following best courses housed in BBA.


A BBA degree in Banking provides deep insights of the financial dealings in the banking sector and the insurance policies housed in the same. With a degree in this course from the top BBA College in Noida or around ensures that you’ll definitely have ample opportunities for jobs in future. You can be an investment banker, Asset Manager, Loan Counsellor, Insurance Manager, etc after completing this course. Having polished your knowledge of this field, you even have the option of becoming a lecturer.


BBA in Finance imparts the knowledge of how to deal with investments, insurance policies and makes students capable of making predictions regarding the overall cash flow in an organization. The course can fetch you a decent job in the corporate world. Also, there are huge opportunities for growth in this sector and you may see yourself rising very fast if you work with zeal and gain some good experience. Moreover, if you are in mood of going for research then doing Masters in the same would do the job.

Human Resources

HR Executives and Managers find a good place in any firm or organization. BBA in human resources makes one aware of the fundamentals of general management and expert training programs. This course focuses upon managing personnel and workforce in an organization with all procedures including recruitments. The Human Resource is one of the most highly valued departments of an organization and also a vital one as it helps in framing a company’s policies. The jobs in this field are quite reputed featuring attractive remunerations.


This too is a popular course that students opt for. The motive of this course is to make students aware of how to present a product to the market, its pricing and other related jobs. The objective of a person working in this department is to set the value of the product in a way that it is accepted by the customers as well as brings profit to the organization. It also includes product promotions and advertisements. Jobs in this sector are handsomely paid ones with daily allowances as well (in some cases).

International Trade

BBA in International Trade makes students aware of the fundamentals of foreign trade, the nature of international markets, exchange of goods and services along with their related policies. One can gain knowledge about business management, industrial relations, economics, etc from this course. This course is also a popular one and houses ample opportunities of high salary jobs in business firms.

Having learnt about the course options that you get for having a degree in Business Administration, it could be asserted that if you are interested in working in the corporate sector then one of these courses can help you achieve your goals. The role of college is quite considerable in deciding how well you start your career. So, choose one from the best BBA colleges in Greater Noida, NCR or around and ensure that you receive quality education and finally get a degree that holds a value.