Education is the process which facilitates learning. It is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and beliefs. There are various educational methods such as storytelling, discussion, teaching and training. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators. Education can take place in formal and informal settings and it affects the way one thinks, feels, or act.


Education is commonly divided formally into such stages as preschool, kinder garden, primary school, secondary school then college and university.

Once someone thinks about professional qualification, immediately two courses comes in mind i.e. B.Tech and MBA. But pursuing these courses from the best college in greater Noida is also very important.

Mangalmay Group of institutions is one of the best colleges in Greater Noida for pursuing B.Tech and MBA since besides providing subjective education to the students they also focus on the overall development of the students by offering them various add-on courses. The Add-on courses which Mangalmay institute offers for MBA students are Big Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Google Adwords and Excel for Business. The Add-on courses which Mangalmay institute provides for B.Tech are Autocad, Java, Virtual labs and Online aptitude test.

All these courses are conducted under the guidance of professionals.

Mangalmay group of institutions also conducts various industrial visits, PDP training sessions, guest lectures by management experts and  for the students.

Mangalmay Group of Institutions is the best college in Greater Noida for B.Tech and MBA as besides providing the students with degree they also offers them 100% placement guarantee and that too in good companies with a higher salary packages.

This makes Mangalmay group of Institutions the best college for MBA and B.Tech in greater Noida.


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