Benefits of MBA in Finance


An MBA in Finance is a coveted degree as a range of career options are available before  Business School graduates, who  benefit not only from a solid  return on investment through substantial salary increase, but  also deepening of knowledge, skills and abilities  individual need for future professional success.

MBA in Finance is one of the oldest discipline of Management courses, which is considered to be hot favourite among MBA students, as professionals in finance sector usually take home fatter and juicier pay cheque’s as compared to their counter parts in other Industries. More you get closer to money management role, more money you will make for yourself by getting closer to your career and financial goals.

MBA in Finance programs typically provide foundational education in statistics, leadership, economics, strategy and marketing. A specialization in finance  provides so much of dynamism which gives Individual  the theoretical and practical knowledge in various finance related areas like foundations in finance, global economy, financial instruments, future and options, Risk management, Corporate finance, Investment Banking, Market trading and derivatives , Stock market analysis and list goes on.

Individual having complex problem solving ability  from  head of mixed and mingled wires of business challenges  are perfect fit for specialization in Finance.

Popular career path  and Job title

Finance and Management  open up career opportunities in various sectors including Banking and Financial services, Corporate Finance,  Investment Banking, Risk Management , Insurance and Wealth Management , Asset Management, Stock Market Analysis, Taxation, Credit Analysis, Derivative market , management consulting and Hedge fund Management.

Some of popular career paths for MBA in finance graduates are Financial analyst, Credit analyst, Financial controller or director, Accounting Manager, Risk and Insurance Manager, Chief financial officer, Treasurer, Finance manager/ Director , Commercial or Investment banker , Real estate or Insurance Financer Manager.

Job Description

  • Corporate Finance is responsible for ensuring that funds are available for company’s business activities. This includes forecasting fund requirements, managing surplus funds, raising funds and approving for different allocation.
  • Financial professionals study and forecast economic trends, balance risk and profitability, analyze company reports, maximize stock value, manage fund by choosing investment portfolios and apply principles of financial risk management.

Benefits of earning  MBA in Finance :

  • Earning an MBA in Finance gives you the opportunity to earn higher salaries and qualify for more advanced positions.
  • Individual who acquired hard and soft skills during MBA program are transferable to myriad other roles and these new skills and knowledge turbo charge individual career path.
  • Having an MBA is a powerful tool that can increase job security with your current employer or within your current industry.
  • Finance degree is also a powerful differentiation in a crowded marketplace. Employers opt for MBAs for their ability to handle complex situations, be nimble and adapt in face of a rapidly changing global environment.
  • MBA program provide a broad or fresh perspective to see how to improve inefficiencies or come up with innovative solutions to business problems.

Employment information:

Companies appreciate managers who have risen through the ranks, know the business inside and out and can get the job done by handling complex situation and bring considerable skills and business acumen to the job from day one.

Student pursuing MBA in finance gain experience with top-notch companies through internship programs like Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft while still in school and they generally command better positions and higher salaries after completing their graduation. The internship opportunities serve as the testing ground for Individual to know what suits the best.

Potential Salary

MBA Finance is one of the most sought after courses throughout the world. It offers excellent job opportunities, apart from challenging job profile and hefty pay package. As per experience played a large factor in take –home pay for finance professional

In India, an MBA in finance from the IIMs may command package of (Rs. 10-15) lakh a Year. Financial / Credit analyst in beginning earn around (Rs-4-8 lakhs )  per annum depending upon the type of company and  (Rs.20-30 ) lakhs at senior most levels.

 where as management consultants earn Rs-5-8 lakhs in beginning and Rs-10-15 lakhs  few year down the line. The annual salary range in the US is ($48,000 to $170,000) for finance professionals with top companies.

Top Notch Popular companies for  Finance to work for  are J.P Morgan chase & Co, Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, Citibank , General Electric , Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Standard chartered,  Goldman Sachs, Barclays, L & T Finance  , Bank of America and BNP Paribas , Merrill Lynch, McKinsey and list goes on.

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