Civil Engineering provides engineering services in Designing, Planning, Overseeing maintenance and Construction of different structures like roads, rails, dams, airports, harbors, pipelines etc. The works that are executed under Civil Engineering are helpful for connectivity purposes so that even remote areas can be brought to the mainstream and development can be done for all sections of the society.

And one such marvelous creations is the Bandra Worli sea link. The Bandra–Worli Sea Link, with pre-stressed concrete-steel viaducts on either side that links Bandra with Worli in Mumbai  is a cable-stayed bridge .

Surveys of the the seabed was conducted from the design commenced and the geological properties of the soil strata before the starting of this project.. The marine geology underneath the bridge consists of volcanic tuffs .These are the weathered rocks and residual soil. The strength of these rocks range from the extremely weak to extremely strong. The superstructure of the viaducts is the heaviest precast segments to be built in India. Due to the underlying geology pylons have a complex geometry and the main span is one of the longest spans of concrete deck.

The foundation of the Bandra worli sea link cable consists of nearly 130 concrete piles of nearly 7 ft in diameter. These piles act as the substrate in the extreme geological conditions. One such example is the possibility of volcanic eruptions or movement of tectonic plates. It consists of handling nearly 2400 concrete steel pre cast segments for the project.

Bandra Worli Sea link consists of twin continuous concrete box girder in each direction. Every bridge section is supported on piers typically spaced 160 ft apart. Each section is designed to support four lanes of traffic barriers. Sections also provide for service side-walks on one side. The bridge alignment consists of vertical and horizontal curves. The pillars and the towers supporting the bridge are protected by buoys. The buoys surround each pillar of the Bandra Worli sea link to avoid any damage due to explosions and collisions.

The cable-stayed portion of the Bandra channel is 600 metres in length. A centre tower supports the superstructure by means of four planes of cable stay in a semi-harp arrangement.

264 cable stays are used at Bandra channel with cable size varying from 85 metres to nearly 250 metres. The tower is cast in-situ reinforced concrete using the climbing form method of construction. The tower configuration is an inverted “Y” shape with the inclined legs oriented along the axis of the bridge. 160 cable stays are used at Worli channel with cable lengths varying from approximately 30 metres minimum to nearly 80 metres maximum overall tower configuration is “I” shape with the inclined legs.

.The bridge has a reliable and redundant power supply, backed up by diesel generators and auto mains failure panels for critical loads, such as communication services monitoring, surveillance, emergency equipment including aviation and obstruction indicators.

So, it can be said that likewise Civil Engineering, bandra worli sea link between the bandra and Worli makes the world tends to grow and there will be no dearth of connectivity. Projects like bandra worli sea link can make any country gospel to the path of unimaginable development.


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