Which Stream is Better? B.Tech or B.E.

It is every year that we talk about engineering, commerce or arts as streams that need to be understood wisely before finalising which one to take up. It is also important to understand the differences between various streams within engineering itself and how they might or might not impact the aspirant’s chances of getting into the top B.Tech colleges in Greater Noida.


What is the most sought after course in engineering?

This is the most common question asked as by parents of probable students or aspirants looking to get through top engineering college in Greater Noida.

Much like the results of the research published by The National Council of Advanced Economic Research (NCAER), engineering remains the most sought after graduate course in the country and the dream of millions of youngsters. Perhaps, that also makes a difference in terms of the colleges and universities that are offering such engineering courses across the country. Most of the colleges offer either B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) or B.E (Bachelor of Engineering).

One of the most pertinent questions that often create confusion in the minds of parents and aspirants alike is in the difference between B.Tech and B.E. Are there any differences in terms of standing or curriculum or just a nomenclature difference in terms of names?

Engineering v/s Technology

In simple words, engineering is a branch of science and technology that is concerned with designing, building, and use of machines, structures and engines that are used in everyday life.

Technology is more concerned with the requisite skills and application of engineering concepts and principles to practical problems and emphasises on practicability and realistic problem-solving.


Both the degrees are valued at par in the eyes of prospective employers, and the top engineering colleges in Greater Noida offering both these degrees have similar curriculum. The reputation of the engineering college or university matters more in terms of job placements and career growth. Though there are several colleges and universities offering such courses, aspirants should be very careful in terms of where they choose to study.

Top B.Tech college in Greater Noida v/s Top B.E college

As previously mentioned, B.Tech and B.E are both applied through appearing for any national or state level engineering entrance test after a student completes 10+2. By appearing in the exam and clearing it, the aspirant can gain admittance in to any of the top B.Tech college in Greater Noida or B.E college in Greater Noida.

With curriculum remaining more or less similar, while the focus for B.Tech course is on useful skills for modifying structures to enhance the quality of life, B.E focuses on theory-based study needed for innovations and creating new technical gadgets.

As a skills-oriented course, B.Tech finds more favour with students looking to do practical training and understand the real world, whereas B.E as a knowledge-oriented course finds favour with students interested in enhancing their academic vigour. B.Tech courses ask for internships and regular industrial visits are part of the curriculum whereas such industrial visits and internships might be essential for B.E courses.

It is to note that often B.Tech courses are understood to be offered by government institutes and B.E courses by private institutes. But that is not a valid assumption considering private universities in Greater Noida offering the courses.

Other Parameters

There is a requirement of industrial training that has to be mandatorily undertaken after semester 6 of both B.Tech and B.E degrees.


The performance of the student and to an extent, the choice of college matters the most compared to the choice of engineering degree.

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