Artificial Intelligence Future Scope in India

Artificial Intelligence – Future Scope in India

Despite India being amongst the World’s quickest growing economies, it is also a fact glaring in the faces that we need to develop and embrace new employment generating sectors in the coming years to compete with the world and stay ahead of the global competition. Our burgeoning young population is desperate to seek employment in areas where their skills are put to efficient use.

Artificial Intelligence or Robotic Process Automation is one of the strongest emerging industry which has proven to inculcate unique and high-end skills which has consequently resulted in remarkable productivity and unparalleled customer satisfaction at a reduced cost. Robots are here to make work simple and deliver the precision of the highest level.

Most of the educational institutions like Mangalmay Institute of Engineering and Technology, Amity University, and Sharda University in India agree to the above-mentioned facts. Mangalmay Institute of Engineering and Technology — regarded widely as the best AI college in Greater Noida as well as one of the best AI colleges in Delhi NCR, is at the forefront of revolutionizing classroom and online training on Artificial Intelligence. The learning pedagogy in Mangalmay is primarily focusing on less theory and more practical sessions, provide live project assignments, prepare AI-based resumes, and give mock interview training to help students in their final career skirmish.

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Some of the most obvious results of improved powers of AI can be seen in the electronic gadgets that we use in our day-to-day life such as Smart speakers(Alexa), Mobiles with Face Recognition, AI cameras e.t.c to name a few. However AI is very well poised to re-invent other areas of our life and existence.

As an example, in India currently there is a lot of focus on making ‘Smart Cities’ and this is also an endeavor of the Central Government. Artificial Intelligence is helping Engineers and Computer Professionals to make this initiative see the light of day in many ways including:

  • Adaptive Traffic Signals
  • Surveillance and Security 
  • Automated Water and Power
  • Public Safety

Another area is Healthcare, where AI is aiding Doctors and Health care professionals in Precision Medicine which helps to predict what treatment protocols are more likely to succeed in Patients based on their attributes and treatment process.

Since India is now heavily dependent on communication in most of its sectors and organizations to drive its era of digitization, Artificial Intelligence or RPA is rapidly developing AI Chatbots to enhance the flow of information between customer and service providers thereby giving the consumers a highly personalized experience.

Artificial Intelligence is also one of the highest-paid technology remuneration verticals in India with entry-level positions grabbing up to INR 700,000/- per annum. Some of the AI roles in Development, Testing, Training, and Support include:

  • RPA Solutions Architect
  • Process Consultant
  • Data Scientist
  • RPA Solutions Architect
  • AI Implementation Expert

and the list goes on and on!  

The Annual Robotics Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida recently stated that Artificial Intelligence will create up to 2-3 million jobs worldwide in the coming few years. The Industries will require humans to manage the Artificial Intelligence system, analyze implementation and execution protocols as well as mechanizing robots with the help of high-skilled resources.

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Companies like  Accenture, Infosys, Cognizant, General Electric, CISCO, and Amazon who are spearheading the AI revolution have a large footprint in India and thus it is certain that many of these jobs will be available to professionals in the country as time progresses. Companies are also relying heavily on colleges and universities to develop talent who can then be hired and made employable. 

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If you are serious about a career in RPA and AI, the time to invest your time and energy in an AI course has arrived.