Are Leaders born or made in B-School

Leader’s are neither born nor made in any business schools. Leadership quality can be generated by observation, understanding, courage of taking steps, decision making, and the most important not being too  judgmental. Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time and one can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation.

Leadership is an inborn quality in everyone and its parents, society, culture as well as education that helps to polish ones skills. There are many persons who are born with leadership qualities to some extent but leadership skills needs to be polished and nurtured in order to bring leadership skills to a reasonable level of competency. Management school is just a place where you learn theories about management which may help in your career development,  these B-Schools helps in understanding cost-benefit analysis, risk mitigation  with human resource management so that we try to understand the process of leadership and just doesn’t make any radical decisions .

Hence we can say leaders are not made in management institution, indeed these institutes helps us to polish our skills and develop instincts to lead the people. It’s believed born leaders seldom step into B schools and the B school graduates will have a structured approach to any problem and could cultivate leadership qualities which can be undertaken from any of the top MBA College in Delhi NCR. There are so many great leaders those who have not attended any school.

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Leaders are born not made

According to Trait theories Its generally believed that people inherit certain qualities and traits that make them better suited to leadership. People enter the world with equal abilities and equal talents. There are certain inborn characteristics that predispose people to be and become leaders. There is a significant difference between “learning a skill” and mastering skills in the same way that some are born with amazing musical gifts or athletic talents. They will excel naturally in these areas but others may need to struggle to get to the same point. All remarkable leaders have great history behind them. They were leaders from the onset of their journey.

Hence Born (natural) Leaders are different to made (artificial leaders).  Some people are, indeed, born leaders who tend to get even better as they go along leadership curve, but most of folks who start out with a modicum of innate leadership capability can actually also  become very good, even great leaders. Hence it general notion if leaders were solely born what is the point of the rest of us studying leadership or management program from top MBA college in NCR.

Leaders are made and not always born

Leadership can be learned by anyone with the basics. But an awful lot of leadership cannot be taught. Some do well but others find themselves poorly equipped rendering mediocre results. Being leader is a transformation which can happen with persons oriented to creativity, enthusiasm to something different, aim big while other skills can be picked on their way up along. Leadership learning is lifetime activity. Good leaders seek out development opportunities that will help them learn new skills throughout the life.

Can leadership qualities be cultivated?

Leadership is an art rather than a science. It is a set of innate traits, refined and perfected over time with education, training and experience. A leader is a person who comes forward to take the challenge. All the books, classes education and training cannot turn a follower into a leader. Leadership is often a Choice. Not everyone can be a leader just like not everyone can become a good actor. Some people will never have that aspect in them while others have the latent ability and thus can be taught how to lead. Therefore a leader is born, developed, skilled in communications, and cultivated through life experiences even if its pursued from Best MBA college in NCR.

Leadership styles varies with maturity, followers and situations. Although there are thousands of books, decade’s worth of well documented studies, the debate can go on forever without converging to a logical conclusion.

Final Verdict

Hence we can say neither leaders are born nor they are made only in Business schools! We have seen world renowned leaders who transformed the way world thinks are from a humble background and they many of them are college drop outs!! But, what exactly we see in them is the passion to do something differently than others and persistent in their attempts in spite of failures. They recognized the opportunities and pursued on their share in that.

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Hence enrolling for a program in management and leadership can’t make someone a leader upon completion.  Charisma, Influence, Integrity and the ability to Inspire be can’t be taught. Granting of a certificate and a few letters after one’s name can’t make one a leader. Soft skills can be explained, but not implanted. The ability to share your vision takes more than a simply PowerPoint presentation and some crisp words on a bunch of 4×6 cards.

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