Photonics Integrated Circuits


Photonics? Every last person can leverage from the applications of Photonics. Considering its applications, the most recent one is a fiber-optic cable that utilizes light for data transmission. Photonics employs light, one of its integrated feature, for processing and transmission of data. Students pursuing a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication emphasize on Integrated Photonics which is a light signal based microchips out of which devices are constructed.

Photonic Integrated Circuits or call them “integrated optoelectronic devices” or “planar lightwave circuitsor “integrated optical circuit .“ These circuits have Integrated Optics as its cornerstone and find its significance in the integration of optical components. PIC is one complex integrated circuit that forms a single photonic circuit by incorporation of various optical devices. Students pursuing a degree in engineering can study these optical devices which include multiplexers, optical amplifiers, optical lasers, de-multiplexers, attenuators, and other detectors. PIC works by wavelengths superimposition usually lying between infrared and visual spectrum, i.e., 800 nano-meters and 1700 nano-meters.

The Two Methods of Photonic Integration

These methods are Hybrid Photonic Integration and Monolithic Photonic Integration.

Hybrid Photonic Integration will have an integrated IC in one package containing several photonic devices of similar functionality. It is an advantage leveraging which numerous integrated optic devices will combine.

Monolithic Photonic Integration will have a single IC of optical devices with different functionality. To make MPI, there would be a huge requirement of fabrication material. This particular method enables different functionality on a single chip.


Electrical engineering colleges utilize all these applications of PICs to strengthen the hands-on knowledge of their students.

  1. PICs have their advantage in the manufacturing of metrology and optical sensors
  2. Photonic computing as well as biomedical computing leverage from PICs.
  3. PICs have immense benefits WDM fiber-optic communication system. Arrayed Wave-guide Grating exploits this technology and has its application in de-multiplexers and optical multiplexers.
  4. Fibre-optic communication employs Photonic Integrated Circuit to manufacture Externally Modulated Lasers.
  5. PICs find their advantage in photonic as well as biomedical computing.
  6. PICs extend their capability to quantum computing as it requires separation of optical modes.


Photonic Integrated Circuits have immense technological perspectives and are yet to accomplish the unprecedented. Relying on unhindered research, scientists and professionals are striving to transform the technology to make it more cost effective, highly efficient, and a common concept. Not just this, there are engineering colleges in Pune that are offering courses in Photonic Integrated Circuits with the assurance that someday in future all electronic Integrated Circuit will find an efficient replacement in the form of PICs as well as a successful blend of optics and electronics.

  1. Optical devices are majorly used for an improved performance by assisting in making the system compact and discrete.
  2. To make chips have applicability for more functionality, chips can efficiently integrate with electronic circuits (basic).
  3. Emphasizing on its advantages, the US defense mechanism is nowadays focussing on leveraging the potential of Photonic Integration.
  4. Photonic chips have immense future perspectives in the incorporation in homes, devices, cars, and mobile devices.

Integrated circuits microchips use photons, hence photonics is the name. Photons are exceptionally lightweight and offer incredible opportunities for information transport using less amount of energy.

Future aspects

Photonic microchips or chips have the ability to perform all the operations with light as the quintessential factor. Photonics has high potential of development, but it needs a thorough scientific research to perform light manipulation for all operations. Because of its limitless potential, the recent data centers are limited by microelectronics for data speed development in numerous connections. It causes excess power consumption. Photonic microchips are capable of very high speed and can efficiently take the place of micro-electronic chips to a certain extent.

Considering the energy constraints and limitations, photonic microchips have high energy efficiency leading to devices work for longer time and notable power saving option. Photonics find its application in healthcare diagnostics, processing industry, mobility, safety and security, and agro-food. This ongoing study and new technical findings are an assurance that Photonics will surely bring important transformations in the new domain. All in all, the potential of integrated photonics market is capable of generating the revenue of more than hundred billion Euros. The dependency of European Union on Photonics as one of the most enabling technologies. To consider the level of Photonics, it still requires a lot of nourishment.


Students pursuing their career in technology have immense job scope. All they have to do is have a thorough hands-on knowledge about their subjects. The key to success is doing what you find interesting. If you have any particular subject in the stream that you find more engaging, you have excellent potential to prove your worth in it. Photonics Integrated Circuits is one interesting topic in which you can try your future. The stream proffers for students a potential to make some notable advancements and inventions in the field. The degree of engineering is a pre-requisite for becoming a prospective candidate.

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