All About Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration: A gateway to a lucrative career

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a much sought after three years undergraduate course with different subjects of specialization. Over the last decade, the importance and popularity of the course have been increasing by leaps and bounds all over the country. Various premium institutes and universities in the country are offering BBA curriculums in tandem with the current industrial requirements. At the same time, students have an immense scope of preparing themselves with the latest skills in management that various industries desire from the Top BBA college in Greater Noida. As such, a BBA course helps in the smooth sailing entry in the lucrative career in various fields of management.

Various fields of specialization

These days BBA courses conducted in reputed institutes and colleges including in a BBA college in Greater Noida are offered with several fields specializations like the following ones:

  • Business management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operation Management

In fact, all traditional fields and various modern fields like Systems Management, Retail Management, Supply Chain Management, etc. are included as specializations in BBA. Students get a wide array of options to continue their higher management education in specific fields of interest.

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Eligibility for BBA

Getting admission is a reputed BBA college is a challenge for a student interested in pursuing the career in this field. Top business schools look at several aspects of a student’s career before approving their admission in the college. High grades in the 10+2 exam are the first criteria for applying in a reputed BBA school in Greater Noida or elsewhere. College authority may also expect good command over English, basic computer knowledge, and good communication skill. Some colleges also undertake selection test and interview for the final selection in BBA.

There is no dearth of BBA colleges in the country, but one must target the best college with a strong infrastructure and experienced teaching staffs that enable the students to get into a comprehensive learning process.

Basic skills learned in BBA

BBA is now one of the most popular college majors in India. The course has also established as a mainstream course in several other developed countries like the USA, Australia, the UK, and Canada. Students completing BBA can expect lucrative career ahead. It enhances their job prospect as most of the industries look for skilled employees who are ready face any challenge and enthusiastically take responsibilities. Earning a BBA degree from a reputed college like the best BBA college in Greater Noida helps in getting international exposure or becoming eligible for pursuing MBA from a premium institute.

Specializations in BBA are targeted to develop respective skill in a student. At the same time, the student becomes skilled in working in a group or leading a group, handling multicultural group, data analysis for decision making, and quickly adjusting to any business environment. A BBA student learns various business theories and models, at the same time they get hands-on experience on the applications of those theories and models. They become knowledgeable on important business laws at the national and international levels and also on the power and management of various government or semi-government agencies that virtually control the business world.

Advanced skills developed in a BBA student

Apart from the basic skills, there are various advanced skills developed in a BBA student. Some of these are as follows:

  • Stronghold on various modes of communication and how to handle them on behalf of the organization
  • Basics of e-commerce and importance of digital marketing in modern context
  • Business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Essential aspects of economics and statistics that are important in business development
  • Essential aspects of data management and making them useful for the organization

Through a BBA degree, a student gets acquainted with different forms of business models, how the market forces shape an industry, and global business scenario.

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BBA provides both theoretical and practical management training to the students that make them perfect for different industries including both manufacturing and service industries. All the basic and advanced key competencies are developed through practical training which is extremely needed for showing the highest level of professionalism in a work environment. For all these reasons, BBA has been growing as an indispensable stream of study in this country.