Manufacturing Technologies For Aerospace

Aerospace is an immensely vast and one of the fast-growing industry, which uses upgraded and advanced technologies for manufacturing of aircraft and spacecraft components.There is huge amount of distinct challenges that exist for designing the air vehicle such as strong, light-weight, extremely fine and corrosion free material, which also operates on higher drag, lift and high Mach Number. Because of all these operational and design challenges, aerospace science requires Micro and Nano-machining methods, including additive manufacturing laser machining and welding.

Now a days, aerospace science trying to come up with revolutionary manufacturing system, which can also be adopted by other industries for future manufacturing growth.

Some of the advancement, which are very important for aerospace manufacturing today, are discussed below:

Composite Materials:  It is all started with Boing 787 Dreamliner, when aerospace science commence the manufacturing with advanced polymers and composite materials. Since then the aerospace engineer continue to rely on composite materials, advanced polymer and Nano-materials. Composite materials are nothing but metals or plastics blend with the small and calculated amounts of the additives, which enhance the mechanical characteristics of material.

However, more and more improvements of composite materials and their strengths is the preliminary focus to enhance the manufacturing technology for aerospace science.

Additive Manufacturing: Aerospace was very fast to introduce the additive manufacturing for designing parts with composite materials and unique geometry. Powder-bed laser printing electron beam system and Fused deposition modelling (FDM) these are the advanced technology, use in additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing unable the aerospace to make honeycomb type of structure for the wings of aerospace vehicle. However, additive manufacturing is nothing but building the 3-D objects by adding layer upon layer of material, material could be plastics, metals, soils or concrete.

Robotics: As per the today’s scenario, the incorporation of robots in industries seems to be very efficient and effective. Robot does the manufacturing and mechanical tasks in ease manner as compare to human based manufacturing. This robotics industry has changed the shape of manufacturing technology, especially used in aerospace. Robotics task in aerospace include the welding, drilling, riveting, sealing and dispensing etc.

Robotics Industries Association states, “The entire manufacturing project can be completed with only a small fraction of usual waste”

Aerospace science trying to take the manufacturing technology to the different level, which will make manufacturing very ease and unique. Soon other industry will also adopt the all advance technology of manufacturing, use in aerospace science.

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