Few Advance Features of Excel

Excel is a software application of almost unlimited depth and complexity. There is no way to count the number of features it offers, but they must run into the thousands, if not ten of thousand. Most business analysts do not need to become experts in all aspects of Excel, but they often find that they need to develop expertise in a few specialized domains within excel. Which domains are relevant depends on the job they perform as well as on their level of interest in Excel and spreadsheet modeling generally. There was a FDP organized at Mangalmay Institute of Management & Technology for the faculty Members to make them aware about it. Few features are-

-Keyboard shortcuts –Most users of windows are familiar with using the keyboard as an alternative to selecting commands or tools with the mouse. Same features are also available in Excel-for example

Ctrl + N for New, Ctrl + O for Open, Ctrl + S for Save, Ctrl + P Print, Ctrl + X for Cut etc . These familiar shortcuts are only a small sample of the shortcuts available in Excel. Here is a further example-

Format Cells :-       Ctrl + 1

Display Help :-   F1

Insert New worksheet :-             Shift + F11

Move cursor to cell A1 :-           Ctrl + Home

Display the Find and Replace dialog box  :-                 Shift + F5

Whenever we regularly encounter a tedious and slow operation, it makes sense to search for a keyboard shortcut to save time.

Most practicing analysts have experienced the frustration of trying to understand a complex formula or a model design six months after they built it, or two years after someone built it. But while agrees that spreadsheets should be documented, almost no one does it. The reason seems to be that most of forms of documentation are too time consuming. Cell comments are one easy way to document the details behind a cell or range of cells. After writing a comment, it can be deleted, change and edit easily.


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