A Guide to College Life as a First

It is no less than a miracle to get admission in an engineering college of your choice and in the branch of your choice in India. During 10+2 you get to hear that just secure admission in best engineering college in NCR and your life is set. This is not true, you will soon hear ‘just get yourself a good placement after engineering and your life is set’. This will go on forever.

You tend to get complacent after working hard to score high in your 10+2 course and then you prepare for the entrance exams which are even tougher. Once you get admission you feel it is a victory but this is not so. Your engineering degree will require your dedication even more than the 10+2 and entrance exams.

Due to this many engineering students complain of stress and anxiety and find it difficult to cope with it during their first year of engineering. As most of the engineering courses require staying in the hostel, it becomes even more difficult to manage. It is a sort of “coming of age” for the first year engineering student.

To help first-year engineering students to overcome the difficulties and get through their first year we are presenting a few tips below

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Take Charge

Being in your first year of engineering you will face many difficulties and challenges. You must try to tackle them head on and not try to procrastinate. Unlike school teachers will not be able to help with all your assignments. You must learn to plan and start your preparations on your own. Even your personal problems have to be handled by yourself as mum and dad will not be able to do as before.

Understand and prepare to keep the available options in focus

It can be seen from the syllabus of the first year engineering syllabus in India that they cover overall basics which will prepare the student to tackle the tougher academics in their future years. It is right time for the student to understand all the available options available to them in engineering.

 During the counseling process, the students choose broad streams like electrical, electronics, mechanical or civil. But these streams are vast and it is better to choose specific subjects within the purview of them for further studies.

Building a Network

College is the place where friends are found who stay with you for life. By finding good friends and networking it will help you in many ways including future career prospects. You may come across your friends in the corporate world or your business and they could be of help to you and vice versa.

Extra-curricular activities

The past couple of years were spent in preparation for the engineering admission and you could not think of any other activity except your academics. As the first year of engineering is focused on building your basics in engineering, you have time for other activities.

 You must make the best use of your time and pursue other activities, it could be an add-on course or some of your hobbies aimed at boosting your skill set.

It is a well-known fact that India produces engineers in excess and every additional knowledge or skill you possess can prove advantageous in building your career. Be prepared for the challenge.

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Improving your academic fundamentals

You are warned against becoming complacent in your academics in the first year of engineering. You may feel that the subjects which are mainly basic sciences were more or less what you studied in 10+2 course.

You must understand that that the professors who designed the syllabus had a good reason for doing so. You are made to revise the basics to understand them from a core-engineering perspective and strengthen your knowledge in fundamentals which will be very valuable as you when you move higher in studies and your professional life.


Engineering is not just about securing admission in the best engineering colleges in Noida and obtaining a degree. You are on the threshold of your future career, be it job, profession or business.

Overall development including your communication skills, personality development, honing leadership qualities must be your aim so that you become dynamic and a thorough professional to become successful in life. Last but not the least, do make time to enjoy life and have fun.