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Engineering is no longer a pursuit or a calling. It is just a trend now and has been for past 1 decade approximately. In Hindi, we call it, BHEDCHAAL. What else would you call it if 15 lacs students of a nation try to fight for the same thing, just following the next person without asking, “Do I really want to do this?”, let alone asking, “What do I really want to do in life?”

We are all tempered since our childhood with certain norms or rules of this society. What are these rules? Who made them? Who approved them? We, in the name of society, make such structures and tag them as right or wrong, eventually forcing our thoughts down youth’s throat and mind. In childhood, we used to do whatever we loved doing and hence, learned more then. Now, we just start on a pre-defined and most-travelled path without asking, “Would I love doing this?” The reason behind is because such paths, as they have been travelled before and have success stories, show us the FEEL and SENSE of SECURITY. Isn’t what we are always taught? Find a secure job and settle. Here is the catch though! Why settle for less, why can’t there be more adventure? It is not our above generation fault to teach this to us. They had different time and hence, different needs. They had no base, they needed to make base, strong and secure. Times have changed. We have already been provided with some base by our parents. We do not need to re-invent the wheel. We can afford to run and fly freely without fear. Fear binds us. To fly freely, we need to open our minds, be fearless and act right at this moment. And to fly, one needs to pursue what they truly cherish and love. Just got to find that thing. It is not that difficult, we just need to understand ourselves better. Who else would understand us better than ourselves? As William Ernest Henley rightly said in his poem Invictus, later followed by none other than Nelson Mandela,

“You are the Master of your Fate, You are the Captain of your Soul”

Nevertheless, what is being said here is that one really needs to make sure before jumping in to this pit, more important than anything else. It is a very deep pit for a whole lot of reasons. We know you are aware of these barriers, as we usually call them, but let’s just put them on table, now that we are on the process of asking ourselves to have a clear landscape of the situation. Mangalmay Group has taken the task of putting down the same for you. Just remember, we are not attempting to scare you, just want everyone to make practical decisions and take calculated risks. Here are the



Seeking Best Engineering College in NCR?

Best Engineering College in NCR


Going for B.Tech is a great, probably the biggest, professional and personal decision which should not be taken lightly as it is entitled to send and start you on a course which will decide your future. From this decision, you are choosing what you want to be for the rest of your life. It is not that you, if you are already on this path and find yourself not loving this line, cannot go for another line of profession but why to take all that pain if can be avoided. One needs to invest their mind in something they are made for and what they love doing.


Honestly, it is a long and time taking course. 4 years are not something you want to just throw and these are 4 years of your youth when you can run and take risks as you like. You must invest time in things very carefully because we have been awarded limited time and has utmost importance. On this thought, going a bit abstract and providing a bonus advice, one must always be in the mode of stealth when it comes to time allotment. A bad time investment, be it as short as a phone conversation or as long as a job, is poor decision. Having this quality also develops managerial qualities in you.


It eats a lot of money. Alright, not as much as medical stream but it definitely needs some appreciable money, which again has to be seen as an investment. Everyone wants something of worth against money spent by them, especially in India, so why not here. Tuition fees for pursuing engineering can be very low, as in the case of government colleges, but the seats are limited. Going for a private college can be expensive, on the other hand. And there are so many other expenses like hostel/living arrangements, books, every stream now requires having a laptop by the start of 2nd year, etc. Money makes it to the 2nd biggest investment on that list.


Seeking Top B.Tech. Colleges in Greater Noida?

Best Engineering College in NCR


After you ask yourself if you have any interest in engineering and that you really know what engineering really is, one must assess oneself. Now, every person is special in their own way. Some are good with competition, some are not. This is the first practical question towards a decision in this stream because it is all about competition, right from preparation for entrance to seeking job at the end of 4 years of B.Tech. First, one needs to fight fellow 15 lac aspirants who are seeking admission in engineering every year. Only a handful get admission and a pinch of aspirants make it to top colleges of nation. All desire to get in to the best. Even if you are your school topper, have you considered that there are so many schools in your country and every one of them has a topper like you and each one of them wants to go to that best college? Even if only all of school toppers compete, it is a tough competition. We have seen students who have been topper for 12 consecutive years of school but stand nowhere in entrance exams. Why do you think? May be they never noticed that it is major competition and they are probably not good in it but definitely are good in something else. Later, in college, there is competition for scholarship, good marks, college society positions, on-campus placement drives and off-campus jobs. If you assess that you are not that in competition, you may want to explore more options for yourself where competition is less and mind you, they are less-travelled paths and have great adventures booked in them as well.

Even if you are in for it, based on the same assessment you can also say truth to yourself in the sense that in which entrance examinations you stand a chance. Now, that government is trying to make this a one-exam for all colleges process, this question is becoming less relevant now. Nevertheless, can be helpful in selection of a college for yourself.


Unless, you are a major techie like Bill Gates or Elon Musk or Tony Stark, if you know Iron Man, the usual employment options as an engineer is a Job. But why then we see so many engineering students opening a start-up of their own. If they wanted to be an entrepreneur, maybe they should have taken Commerce in their high school, let alone engineering as their graduation. So, you also need to figure out what kind of a person are you: hard working, smart working, creative, artistic etc.


Seeking Best B.Tech. College in Noida?

Best Engineering College in NCR

In other ways, do you have qualities of a job person or an entrepreneur? Don’t be biased with success stories which you hear time to time. Entrepreneurs range from failures trying to find an investor to billionaires who have become celebrities as well and job people range from a guy working double shifts & earning 3 lacs a year to one working at giants like Google and Facebook starting with a 3 crore package. Just know, do you perform well as a follower or a leader. None is better than the other. You just need to find what you are better at. Keep in mind:

“Job requires You to be a Focused Person & Entrepreneurship requires You to be a Diverse Person”


Engineering is one of the biggest streams in the whole world. They are important for every country. There are a lot of specialisations and hence, a loads of types of engineering. Sad a truth is we are asked to pick up a stream of engineering for us when we have no idea what each stream may bring for us. Even though, we all have Google to help us research and read what is all there in every type, it is eventually theoretical knowledge. To get some real research done regarding what type suits a particular person, one needs to be social. Join groups, make connects with experienced people and fire your questions at them. Get your doubts cleared. This also has become easier with access to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, not all of aspirants are that social and they end up taking anything which is offered or what society suggests them. Each stream becomes so special in later stages of college, one really needs to match their interest with what that stream has to offer.

P.S: Greater Noida is a hub of some of the top engineering colleges in NCR and out of those one of the best B.Tech. college in Greater Noida is Mangalmay Institute of Engineering Technology. They have a great panel of highly educated & trained academicians, an open eligibility criteria, huge infrastructure with loads of facilities, advance systems and a well maintained & developed placement system.


Seeking Top B.Tech. Colleges in Noida?

Best Engineering College in NCR

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