Things you can do after BTech

After successfully securing admission in one of the Top B.Tech colleges in NCR after scoring high in the entrance exams, things seem settled and you live in a small comfortable shell going through your course. When you in the final year everyone be it your parents, friends, relatives, siblings, and teachers have only one question.

Could you secure a good placement? People do not realize that companies visit the institutes for selection at a pre-determined time. Also, no one thinks as to what are the aspirations of the person who is completing his/her graduation. Is getting a good job is the only option after B.Tech?

In reality, students in their final year are in great confusion about the future. They are in a dilemma whether to seek a job, pursue further studies, begin an own venture and so on. Here let us explore as what are the five things a student can do after completing B.Tech.

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  1. Going for M.Tech or M.S

GATE– GATE is the examination that is aimed at testing the plenary understanding of the various subjects taught in the engineering course. This examination also opens the doors for further studies in post-graduation like M.Tech and MS. The IIM’s offer the Doctoral program FPM in management through GATE. This program in management offers numerous job openings with a handsome stipend. Many foreign universities also offer admission through GATE.

GRE and IELTS are the other two exams that open the doors to admission in reputed universities abroad. On successful completion of M.Tech/MS, you could continue to research and do a Ph.D. The remuneration is quite lucrative in Research field.

  1. Pursuing MBA

This is one of the most popular choices apart from seeking employment soon after completing engineering. CAT/XAT are two most famous entrance examinations to seek admission in management programs offered by prestigious institutions. The fact that IIMs, IITs, FPM, SP Jain institute etc. accept the scores of CAT for the purpose of selection has made CAT quite famous. Admission into XLRI is possible through the entrance exam XAT.

  1. Seeking Job Opportunities

You may not be keen on studying further or risk starting an own venture. You could settle into your career as soon as completing engineering. The advantage in choosing this is that you get to gain experience right from the beginning and your practical real-world knowledge increases.

You get exposure to different aspects of the career like the culture in office, adapting and working as a team, learning new technologies, come in contact with some good people and many more positives. You must focus on the job and give it your best which could gain you recognition and pave the path for better prospects.

  1. Build a career in Civil Services

Most of us dream of being an IAS or IPS officer during their college days.  But a majority give up even before understanding what it requires thinking that it a very tough nut to crack. The mass opinion and advice from near and dear ones also play a significant role in it.

It is no doubt tough and one should not give up for the fear of failure. Thousands of aspirants appear for these exams and clear them. If you are focused and prepare well you can succeed. Determination and perseverance with total dedication is necessary for it.

Statistics indicate that more than half of the successful candidates are engineering students. It is a prestigious job and comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is a great opportunity to serve the people of our country and gain recognition.

  1. Entrepreneurship

This is considered to be one of the best options if you have a business idea and the capital to start the business. You can get valuable experience and be able to build something of your own that you can be proud of. Even if it means facing setbacks, it is the best time in your life for it.

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There are many options to choose once your complete your engineering from the best B.Tech colleges in Greater Noida. It is important that you identify and finalize the path you want to take once you complete your B.Tech instead of procrastinating to decide. Once decided, give it your best with dedication and determination to succeed.