Choose the Right Engineering College

When it comes to selecting the right engineering college for your studies it is a big decision for you as well as your family. It needs due deliberation before finalizing. The Top engineering college in NCR might be the right one for you. It would be prudent to explore all available options and decide well in advance when you are still in your 10+2 course instead of doing it in the last moment. Most colleges are good but what matters is your needs and knowing which college best suits them. Below are the most important 10 steps that will help you in choosing the right engineering college for you.

  1. Choose the stream first

You must decide on which branch of engineering you are planning to study and make a career in. For this, you must evaluate all the available options before coming to the conclusion. You must be motivated to study in that discipline. It should not be a case where you lose interest halfway through the course. It will result in huge loss of money, time and resources which is most undesirable. Choosing the stream should be your primary task.

  1. Colleges must be like Neapolitan ice cream

You must be wondering what ice cream has got to do with college selection. In a Neapolitan ice cream, there are three flavors chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The first flavor to be eaten is chocolate followed by vanilla and ended with strawberry.

You must divide your choice of colleges in the same way. The chocolate colleges are your top-choice ones but not easy to get into. Next vanilla colleges are those that are easier to get into than chocolate ones and you are quite happy to study there. Finally, you choose your strawberry colleges which are your ‘stand-by’ which you will be able to get in and be comfortable studying.

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  1. Parameters based on which you choose

You can prepare the list of colleges in the three types by considering the following parameters

  • Branches offered.
  • Location (how convenient it is to you to attend. Rural or urban)
  • Credentials of the college
  • Reputation/ quality of coaching
  • Government or private run college
  • Campus infrastructure and facilities
  • The faculty and their past performance
  • Size of the class
  • Student body (Diversity, gender and community)
  • Scholarships or financial aids available
  1. Ranking of the colleges

Once you have determined the parameters you will be able to rank the colleges and categorize them into the three flavors (groups). This way you will be able to get the best available college in the order of your preference.

  1. Experience the atmosphere

You must visit the campus if possible. It could be through an acquaintance or someone well known. You must evaluate the surroundings and route stressing on traffic conditions. Spend some time with the students and listen to their experiences and opinions.

  1. Check for scholarships and financial aid

If you are able to secure scholarship or financial aid for your studies, it will enable you to secure admission in the college of your choice and reduce the financial burden during your study time.

  1. Do not go by brand

Just because a certain college is popular does not mean it will be the right one for you. If you are planning to study electronics branch and the college has excellent facilities and teaching faculty in mechanical engineering, it serves no purpose for you. Consider all aspects and not just the brand loyalty of a college before adding it to your list.

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  1. Career prospects

Certain colleges are preferred by reputed companies for campus selection. If you looking to work for these companies then joining the right college can be advantageous

  1. Check the score eligibility

You must ascertain the percentage or the score you need to be eligible for admission in the college of your preference and study to achieve the requisite score.

  1. Personal recommendations

Consult and seek advice of your seniors who may have studied in those colleges or know someone who has. Discuss the facilities and teaching standards for the branch of your choice and then decide on including the college in your priority list.


Selecting the right college for study your engineering course is essential. Choose the Top engineering college in Greater Noida in terms of the criteria explained above. This will help you in completing your engineering studies successfully and achieve success.